Professional Experience

McMurry University, Abilene, Texas
Assistant Vice President of Marketing and Communications • 2013-Present

Responsible for the Office of Marketing and Communications and for implementing a comprehensive marketing and communications program that enhances the University’s visibility and reputation. Promote greater understanding and support by effectively presenting and interpreting the University’s distinctions, achievements, aspirations, needs, and values to all members of the University community and to the general public. Work collaboratively with admissions, development, academic programs, athletics and others to provide leadership in developing strategies to attract prospective students, promote the University in regional and national media, engage alumni, parents and friends, and communicate with the campus community. Champion the McMurry brand and assure that all communications and marketing efforts are integrated.

  • Provide leadership in developing and implementing a comprehensive marketing and communications program for the University including marketing, communications and editorial support for development, alumni relations, admissions, academics, athletics and other programs
  • Oversee the development of an integrated marketing plan including both print and interactive media
  • Ensure that the key marketing messages and value messages are integrated in the creation and strategy for all communications
  • Retain approval authority for all University print and digital publications for all communications, marketing strategies and programs, and for the University’s identity standards
  • Manage University website design and content; coordination of broadcast email activities and engagement using social media platforms; writing, design and production of brochures, catalogs, programs, postcards and other print material; and photography and video of campus events and individuals
  • Manages operation of the Marketing and Communications functions through budget development and control, personnel supervision, performance review and evaluation, and staffing
  • Set goals for all communications activities which are consistent with the overall University and departmental objectives including the University’s strategic plan.
  • Involve faculty or other University staff in programs and services whenever appropriate
  • Apply market research and awareness of current trends and technology to establish the priorities for the University’s marketing and communications efforts
  • Keep abreast of new developments in communication strategy and electronic media technology and recommend appropriate innovations
  • Supervise Media Relations, Creative Services, Web Communications, Conference Services and the University Switchboard


  • Developed University wide marketing and communications plan
  • Developed department and program marketing and communications plans
  • Restructured Social Media platforms for greater analytics for the University, schools and departments
  • Directed the University’s new Web presence and move towards responsive design
  • Member crisis communication team
  • Researched and directed rebranding of the University magazine
  • Continue to research and recommend potential communication initiatives
  • Created new checks and balances within the department to help develop a culture of responsibility

Mercer University, Macon, Georgia
Director of Online Communications, Marketing Communications • 2008-2013

Directed the Mercer University online communications including its Web, multimedia, social media platforms and other critical efforts to effectively market and communicate the institution’s distinctiveness, accomplishments and mission. Developed partnerships across the campuses with the colleges, schools, departments and administrative units to create successful marketing and communications efforts

  • Ensured that key marketing messages were consistently integrated into appropriate communications
  • Worked with senior administration, deans, department heads and others on the design and deployment of digital communications that effectively market their programs
  • Partnered with Information Technology to develop new tools and applications that advanced the institution’s marketing communications objectives
  • Partnered with the Web Management and Marketing Communications staffs to ensure publishing policies and graphic standards were maintained and updated as needed
  • Served as a liaison between University departments and outside vendors that were contracted for communications projects
  • Directed the University’s Social Media efforts and integration across select platforms


  • Co-Chaired the Web Task Force to assist in the rebranding of the University’s Web efforts
  • Initiated Social Media platforms for the University, schools and colleges
  • Researched and directed rebranding of the University’s Web presence
  • Researched and directed rebranding of select colleges, schools and departments
  • Continued to research and recommend potential communication initiatives
  • Continued to develop strategies to market digital efforts
  • Researched, recommended and managed the migration into a new enterprise wide content management system
  • Developed and communicated analytics across the Web and social media platforms

Bradley University, Peoria, Illinois
Director of Web Communications, University Relations • 2002-2008

Responsible for the budgets, marketing, creative direction and coordination of the University’s various online communications efforts. Worked directly with senior administration, deans, and others in the development of online media initiatives. Partnered with outside vendors, campus staff such as programmers, database developers, web content managers, and web designers to fulfill digital communication needs.

  • Promoted and managed the University’s brand identity on the Web
  • Worked collaboratively with academic and administrative units regarding online media communications efforts available to them
  • Created and directed the University’s online magazine
  • Researched and recommended online technology initiatives
  • Directed, wrote content, designed and managed development of numerous online media projects


  • Chaired the Web Advisory Group to assist in the guidance of the University’s Web efforts
  • Initiated a work group for greater communications among Web page managers
  • Directed redesign of the University’s core pages to communicate Bradley’s story more fully to potential students and other audiences
  • Continued to research and recommend potential digital initiatives
  • Continued to develop strategies to market digital efforts, promote user usability, and general good online practices across the campus
  • Partnered with the public relations and publications staff to promote and drive users to the Web via traditional print media
  • Member crisis communications team
  • Created a strategic plan for the University’s Web efforts
  • Developed a Web based events calendar for the campus
  • Member portal initiative
  • Researched enterprise wide Content Management System

Illinois State University, Normal, Illinois
Director of Publications, Marketing and Communications • 1993-2002

Responsible for the budgets, marketing, creative direction, and coordination of a wide range of online and print projects. Partnered with the schools, colleges, departments, admissions and other areas to develop project solutions that met or exceeded targeted goals.

  • Advised academic and administrative units regarding online and print services available to them
  • Established customer service procedures and standards to ensure highest level of client satisfaction
  • Directed the University’s magazines, annual reports, campaigns and other external communication efforts
  • Directed department operational procedures, ensuring accurate, consistent use of the University’s image and message, as well as efficient job tracking, and record keeping
  • Provided day-to-day management of editors, designers, photographers,
    and production staff
  • Evaluated staff and made recommendations on training, hiring and promotions
  • Promoted and managed the University’s brand identity
  • Produced the University’s editorial and graphic standards manual


  • Chaired the University’s committee on advertising
  • Steering committee member for the University’s marketing plan
  • Chaired the University’s committee on Internet initiatives
  • Member, Campus Web Planning and Advisory Committee
  • Led redesign and repositioning of the University alumni tabloid towards a feature and department orientated publication
  • Spearheaded the redesign and refocusing of the University’s core Web pages
  • Increased production of print communications from 200 projects per fiscal year to over 500
  • Reenergized staff through professional development and qualified hiring techniques
  • Spearheaded redesign and refocusing of the Viewbook

University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida • 1988-1993
Art Director, University Communications

Responsible for the direction, production, and budgets of over 400 annual print projects involving fund-raising, identity programs, recruitment, and public relations materials

  • Directed the University’s medical, oceanographic, business, general and other magazines
  • Directed endowment campaigns, and annual reports
  • Improved profitability of this non-funded 100% charge back department through competitive bidding techniques, deadline adherence, and improved production methods
  • Restructured and further expanded use of desktop publishing
  • Developed and trained staff of designers, and production personnel, as well as a select group of free-lance photographers and artists, to improved levels of proficiency and professionalism

iDesign, Miami, Florida
Director • 1985-1988

  • Provided expertise to numerous advertising agencies and corporations
  • Directed concepts, designs, support materials, layouts, and monitored production scheduling, deadlines and budgets

International Marketing Partners, Coconut Grove, Florida
Art Director • 1983-1986

Responsible for all phases of creative, and print production, directly handled all concepts, production, bids, deadlines, and budgets.

  • Projected yearly collateral production costs
  • Coordinated all advertising, production and photography sessions

Associated Graphics, Miami, Florida
Designer • 1981-1982

Worked directly with clients on campaigns, responsible for the design and production of numerous advertising projects.

Additional Skills

  • Comfortable working with multiple constituencies
  • Knowledgeable in marketing and advertising practices
  • Knowledgeable in printing standards and practices
  • Experienced in Web site content, design, development, production, and maintenance
  • Experienced working with a wide range of vendors
  • Proficient in a wide range of software applications


Bachelor of Design, University of Florida
Master of Science, Illinois State University


Health excellent, willing to relocate

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